touchCARDIO Journals Become the Official Journals of Arrhythmia Alliance and C3

Posted in News on 19 July 2019

We’re incredibly proud of our relationships with our society partners, and are delighted to announce that Heart International is now the official journal of C3. Closer to home, we can share that the Arrhythmia Alliance (A-A) have agreed that the European Journal of Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology will be the official journal of the Arrhythmia Alliance, with touchCARDIO becoming the ‘Official Video Production Partner’ for the Arrhythmia Alliance. We’re delighted to work more closely with these key partners for touchCARDIO as our offering goes from strength to strength.

Working so closely with leading voices in cardiology means that over the coming years we’ll be able to develop significant numbers of peer reviewed articles and videos authored by world-renowned doctors discussing the latest cutting edge topics. With our combined audiences it will result in us disseminating this valuable education to the global cardiology physician community, thus improving patient outcomes; a mission at the heart of all three organisations.

To find out more, read the press releases about C3, and the Arrhythmia Alliance here.

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